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Itala Foundation has been a UK registered Charity since 2007 (UK Charity 1119132) and is run by a team of eight Trustees based in North Wales.

The origins of Itala Foundation started in 2001 when two teachers, now Trustees, from Wales took a group of students on expedition to Zambia.

It was during that visit that the group came into contact with a large village just outside of Mkushi. It was apparent that there was a huge need for education for many local children who through a variety of circumstances were unable to go to the nearby State school.

The group met Mr Albert Mwansa and two of his colleagues who were trying to teach around 26 children in a roofless building just outside of the village. 

Our aim

As a result of talking to Mr Mwansa he confimed that there over a thousand children in the area who were single or double orphans as a result of the Aids pandemic. These children were extremely poor and their financial circumstances did not allow them to go to the State school.

It was decided that we continue to work with Mr Mwansa to try and establish a community school for this group.

Some principles were laid down:

  • Education would be free
  • It would be open to boys and girls of all ages
  • Education programme would at least match that of the state system
  • Financial sponsorship would be made available to train existing and future teaching staff.

The proposed school site

Following negotiations with the local Chief we were able to secure a piece of land on which to build the first school building.

This land was registered under the new title of Itala Foundation and became the site of all future development. It was here that the first mud and thatch classrooms were built with room for sixty children to be taught.


Over the last nine years over £150,000 has been raised by Itala Foundation for the development of the school site and its community.

Presently we have:

  • Appointment of Mr Marlon Chibuye as Headteacher in Zambia.
  • A management group of Trustees under the title Itala Foundation (Zambia)
  • The establishment of three purpose built school classroom blocks with electricity.
  • Four houses for teachers.
  • Employment of fourteen permanent, paid, members of staff.
  • Sponsorship and training for professional qualifications of the staff.
  • The building of a traditional village alongside the school for the housing of visiting groups and the temporary accommodation of orphans.
  • The start of a development of a small orphanage and crèche.

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