Cameron’s Orphanage Project

Giving opportunity to those who have none



Cameron’s Orphanage Project was set up in September 2016 by his mother, Amanda Jayne, as his legacy after the tragic accident that took his life at the age of just 21. With the help of his relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances, his legacy has built an Orphanage and a Nursery School, just outside a small village called Mkushi in Zambia where hundreds of orphans are in need of help.

Cam loved flying and was shamelessly happy and positive. Above all, he was a loyal and loving friend with a huge heart, a sense of mischief and a zest for life.

Cam took every opportunity in life and aimed for excellence, in his education, his music, his sporting activities and budding flying career.

Making the most of what life offers us is surely the least we can all do, but imagine a life where opportunity is even less than a dream; where your main concern is not education or employment but food and shelter and care.

On behalf of Cameron, a donation was been made to build an orphanage and a nursery for the children in Mkushi. This will enable many of them to attend school and give them some hope of a fulfilled future.

This project became so successful that when the incumbent trustees of Itala Foundation decided to retire they asked Amanda and her team to take over the running of the charity as a whole.

I also hope that you may want to get involved with the project; by fundraising, donating money, or even your time, energy and skills by visiting the village and helping with the building.

No matter how small your contribution may be, do not underestimate the power you have to make change in the world.

So, this is for Cameron. It is his legacy.


Cameron Forster

22/10/1994 - 30/04/2016