Another successful year at Itala School

This year, as in the past, Grade 7 students at Itala School, sat the national examinations in November 2011 and it is with great pride that we can announce that they achieved 100% pass rates for the third successive year. The project co-ordinator, Mr Albert Mwansa says that he is delighted with the results and is very proud of the effort put in by staff at the school. In addition, he is able to report that the adult classes who have been studying for Grade 9 exams have similarly had excellent results with 86% of students achieving passes.


In January this year Mr Chris Jones and partner made a visit to the school. This was Chris’s third visit having previously gone to the school when he was a student at Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Caernarfon. Like many visitors to Zambia and the school, he felt a need to go back and see how things were progressing and it was beneficial to the Charity as he was able to report on the current progress at  school.

After spending a week in Mkushi, they moved on to Livingstone and Botswana though his partner, Amy, said that one week at the school was simply not long enough and she wished that she could have spent more time there.

You can always return Amy!!


It has long been apparent to us that many children who finish at the school at Grade 7 fail to continue their education at the local High School. The reason for this is simply that they cannot afford to fund themselves whilst they are there. This has led to the Trustees deciding that we should increase the number of grades on off at the school from 7 to Grades 8 and 9 thereby giving suitable students the opportunity to stay on at school for another two years to study for higher qualifications.


In order to comply with Zambian educational requirements, it became necessary to build a science block and to offer science to the  students if we were to teach to Grades 8 and 9.

After much fund-raising our target was finally met and we have been able to build and complete the science block and equip it with desks and science equipment.

The picture, taken two months ago, shows the finished science block in the centre.