School Food Programme - a great success

During our Easter visit we had long di s cus s ions wi th the teachers at Itala about the situation of non attendance at school by some of the children in the village. The teachers made the point that there were still many children who were not coming to school for a variety of reasons.

It was felt that some children would be enticed to come to school by the offer of a free meal twice a week.

So far the programme appears to be working with numbers at the school now in excess of 1600.

July visit 2010

During the summer three student groups from the UK visited Itala and carried out maintenance and teaching tasks. As usual the groups had a fantastic time and soon fitted into daily life at the school. Cooking their own food and washing their own clothes always comes as a shock to Western students. As one girl said, “This is the first time I have ever had to wash anything by hand. It usually gets put into the washing machine and my Mum does it.”

The Charity would like to thank all of the students who went to Itala this year and who helped to make such a difference to the lives of children who live in such difficult circumstances.

Building for the Future

This year the Trustees of the Charity in the UK have taken the decision that 2010 will be a year of consolidation following a number of years when large projects have been put into place. The Trustees felt that time was needed in order for the many projects to be
completed and put into operation so that they can fully assess where they need to go next.

Having already made a commitment to look to expanding the number of grades taught at the school, it was felt that we should at least take that project forward this year.

Building work begins

Despite 2010 being a year of consolidation, work has now begun at the school on the third purpose built classroom. The intention is to build a three roomed Science Block so that we can provide the facilities to teach science.

The school, which currently teaches up to Grade 7, is required to offer science as a subject if it wants to expand into Grades 8 and 9. Whilst Grade 7 teaching provides a broad and adequate education to the children, the Trustees have been aware for many years that there are some students who have higher educational ambitions and yet are unable to continue their studies after Itala due to financial constraints. It is hoped that in the future students will be able to stay on at Itala to pursue their dreams.

Meeting with the director of education

During his visit to Itala in July this year, the Chairman of Trustees, Tony Foster, met with Mr Luundi the District Education Board Secretary.

The meeting was held to discuss the legal requirements necessary for the school to teach Grades 8 and 9 and to complete the necessary paperwork seeking approval for such development.

Mr Luundi is a supporter of the school and its work and he assured Tony Foster that he would give his approval for the development to take place.

Nganda Villiage almost complete

The refurbishment of the Nganda village that started last year is now almost complete and a further two Ngandas have been built bringing the total to eight. This gives the school a larger range of accommodation for use by long term helpers, visitors and people who are in need.

Other News

The new flag base:

Students from Caernarfon carrying out teaching and refurbishment work at the school. Some even got paint on the walls!