UK visit to Itala 2011

In Apri this year, Tony Foster, the UK Chairman of Trustees and Mrs Sian Kent, another Trustee, made a visit to Itala Foundation school to carry out teacher training for the staff at the school.

The three day course concentrated on the development of pupil centred learning where pupils carried out practical mathematical and geometry tasks.

Much of the work was filmed for use with UK pupils in their courses looking at Globalisation in the curriculum.

During their visit, the Trustees where able to hold discussions with local officials and the Zambia Trustees regarding the plans to expand the educational qualifications available at the school.

As previously reported, the intention is to start to teach Grade 8 and Grade 9 subjects in the school. This requires that a science block be developed so that science becomes part of the school curriculum.

It was agreed that construction of the new block would be started as soon as funding was in place. The community agreed to dig the
foundations and put the footings in.

Staff Involvement

During their stay in Mkushi, Tony Foster and Sian Kent worked with the staff in small groups so that teachers had the opportunity to try out different teaching strategies before working with the children.



Thanks to the generous financial support of Rotary, it has been possible to plant some four acres of maize on the school grounds.The crop will enable the school food programme to continue this year. It is hoped that sufficient income will be generated so that the project can be self-funding enabling the food programme to continue year on year.

Maize for the Food Programme ripening in the sun.



Three years ago some 50 small banana trees were planted and, as can be seen from the picture, these are now coming into fruit.

The intention is to give the fruit to children and staff at school as a supplement to their diet.

Mr Albert Mwansa who is the co-ordinator at the school (pictured right) said that poor children do not buy fruit and this crop will be important to them.



Fundraising never ends and continues to be the main part of our activity on an almost daily basis. We would like to try and achieve our aim of building the science block over the course of the next year. Your continued financial support is extremely important to us and will help us to ensure that we reach this goal.