Tony Foster from the Charity meets with Hendrix Mambwe the new co-ordinator of Itala Foundation School Mkushi

During July 2014 25 of us visited the school in Mkushi on our annual visit to have meetings and to see where we can help further. It has been a busy couple of years since Albert Mwansa’s death and I am really pleased to report that Hendrix has taken charge of the school in a very effective manner, coping well with what has been a difficult 12 months for him.

Hendrix is now well established at the school and in the community. He has moved his family into the area and his younger son is attending out school.

The school and the area continues to grow and develop. The most noticeable development that was clearly apparent since Adam Williams and I visited the school at Easter 2013 was the increased house building that has taken place in Mkushi itself.

Mud and thatch built Ngandas have all but disappeared from Mkushi to be replaced by brick built rectangular housing with corrugated sheet roofs. Twelve years ago it was almost impossible to see any housing from the school, now they stand out all too clearly with their shining (and waterproof) roofs.

New housing can be clearly seen in the distance. This development is having an impact on numbers at the school and soon, instead of being on the outskirts of the village, we shall be part of it.

The picture also shows children carrying bricks for the building of the new toilets

Students visiting with Adventure Lifesign Expeditions carrying out the much needed rebuilding of 5 toilets for the pupils. Well done all of you!

More hard work carried out by the pupils with Adventure Lifesign Expeditions with their HUGE wall painting describing the water cycle. A brilliant and effective idea.!