Annual Report 2017-2018

The last year has been a year of change with the original team of UK trustees retiring and appointing a new team of trustees lead by Amanda Jayne as Chairman of Trustees.

In August a team of Pupils from Hurstpierpoint college in West Susses went out to the school to finish construction and painting of the Orphanage and push forward with the work on the Creche, both of these projects are in Memory of Amanda’s son, Cameron, and are how the new trustees originally became involved with Itala.

In the July and August a further two groups of students came out with Lifesigns, Overton Grange and Greenshaw and one independent group Syr Hugh Owen School, to help build the new toilets that have had to be built due to a recent cholera outbreak in Zambia.

The School projects are spearheaded by the School Director Mr. Chibuye Marlon. and for academic part we have the Primary Section with grades One (1) to grade Seven (7) headed by the Headmistress Ms. Elizabeth M. Chisenga followed by the Deputy Head Mr. Chilekwa B. Lucky.

The other section is the Junior Secondary with grades from Eighty (8) to Nine (9) which is coordinated by Mr. Kalunga Stephen.

This year the number for grade one pupils per class was eighty none (89) and grade eights rose to 117. Primary section alone had 851 students in total 437 boys and 414 girls and for junior secondary we had 205 both eights and nines making a total enrollment for students rose to 1056 pupils.

Projects for the year ahead include:

  • Setting up a new Parent Community School Committee

  • Opening the Orphanage and Creche

  • Finishing new toilets and water tower

  • Start to build perimeter wall

  • Add strong room

  • Plan for new classroom block

  • Continue chicken breeding project and start school farm

Managing a school from 5000 miles away is a difficult job and thanks have to go to all of the UK Trustees and supporters who have given time and money to support the school. However, none of this would be possible without the work and dedication of all of the teachers at the school and particularly to the new School Director Mr Marlon Chibuye who, despite all of the tasks passed over to him, still manages to operate with a smile on his face. Well done all.