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By clicking on the Donate button on the right, you can help us in providing some of the essentials that are needed by this community right now.

Below are listed just a few of the basics needed at Itala where your donation will help.


From books to a new building block


Single copies of books for various Grades and subjects, Maths, Biology and English, can be bought for just £7 each


Teacher Sponsorship

We constantly try to improve the educational qualifications of our teachers. As part of our Capacity Building commitment we have taken suitable trainee teachers and put them through a training course to enable them to gain a Nationally recognised teaching qualification.  The course takes two years during which time the trainee teachers carry out a guided teaching programme at the school and sit regular examinations at the Teaching College.

The course costs £500 a year for three years.  The sponsored candidates commit to a minimum of three additional years teaching at the school following their successful completion of the course.


Pupil Sponsorship

We are trying to encourage more girls to come to school. You can sponsor a girl through the seven years of her Primary education . This costs just £15 per term and includes assistance with equipment, food and clothing. Only £50 for the whole year.

Contact can be made through the Foundation with the girl who has been sponsored.

A girl or boy can be sponsored for the seven years they are in school for just £350. This will also give assistance with their food, equipment and clothing.

A lifetimes gift for £350.

We are only too pleased to keep you in contact with the child who is sponsored.



Buy 10 locally produced bricks for £2. This includes transport and a small donation towards the future construction of more teaching space.



£15 will buy 1 cwt of cement. Cement is very expensive in Zambia at the moment due to construction work in neighbouring countries.



School Desk

A desk made locally using local labour and materials will not only help keep the carpenter employed but will seat three of our students in the classroom. This will cost you £70 and includes a personalised name plate on the desk.


Exercise Books

An exercise book costs just 7p. Our students cannot afford to buy these and with 850 students attending school every day we are always in need of buying more. You could equip a class of 30 children for just £2.10p – barely the cost of a cup of coffee.


Various gifts

Tea Towels

We have very nice, full sized cotton Tea Towels printed with the Itala Foundation logo for only £4.50 inclusive of postage. (UK addresses)


Food Programme

The school runs a food programme to try and ensure that we are able to give the orphans – and there are 460 of them – a meal on a regular basis. To do this we need to plant crops. A donation of £10 will seed an acre of maize that will produce 10 x 50kg bags. On average, one bag of maize will help to feed 5 orphans for a month.



Locally we can buy chicks that can be reared around the school grounds. Chicks cost £1 each.


Chicken Feed

Locally we can buy chicks that can be reared around the school grounds. A 25kg bag of corn costs £6.



A bag of mealy meal (Nshima) costs £7.50 and would feed a child for a month with a basic staple food.



Your gift goes directly to the people in need for the purpose it was intended. 

Itala Foundation makes no deductions for administration costs or any other charges. In this way you can be assured that your support gives the maximum benefit to those who need it.

By virtue of its Charitable Constitution, Itala Foundation is non-profit making. The Trustees of Itala Foundation are volunteers and are therefore unpaid. Itala Foundation does not occupy or run any offices or premises for which it pays and the Charity operates solely for the benefit of the children and teachers that it supports.

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